African PERFORMANCE Drumming & MORE

Open with a BANG, drum up some business, or deliver your message with SOUND of the African drums!

Used as a great introduction and to entertain guests. Drumming is powerful and energising.

The African Drummer was the first Journalist to bring news and information to the masses.

Drumming is  the perfect platform to get people talking, announce your entrance, welcome guests, generate curiosity, roll out ‘the new’, excite sporting fans, and strengthen brand recognition.

Line them up along the red carpet, or have them dressed to suit your theme or message on the day!

For any event, large or small, We can provide incredible, energetic performance. Whether you are looking for a short public demonstration, a grand finale to a day of workshops or a full blown stage show spectacular, we can cater for your needs. We are specialists in bringing the right drumming act for your event.

If you need to WOW your audience, We can bring some fire to your event, with fire dancers, African Dancers, Belly Dancers or a walking act for your carnival or to draw attention to you brand. We have Didgeridoo players, Marimba Bands and even an instrument called a “Hang” (Pronounced Hung). We have something to get a party going or a powerful stage presence, we have it all.