Percussion Orchestra

Beat the drums, ring the bells, shake the shakers, click the sticks and add harmony with mini marimbas.

This powerful workshop will bring the elements of the workplace, highlighting the individual parts played by the various departments within a group or organisation. Using drums, bells, shakers, claves and mini marimbas we get the the group working together creating there own orchestra.

DURATION: 1 hour (can be customised)

GROUP SIZE: Ideal for group size of 8 – 200+
OBJECTIVE & SKILL: Teamwork, Communication, Synergy, Enthusiasm and having Fun
LOCATION: Outdoor and Indoor area.
COMPANY BENEFITS: Improve Employee Morale, Enhance Communication, Effective Stress Relief, Positive Team Building, Enjoyable Ice Breakers, Increase Productivity, Reduce Employee Absences, Build Self-esteem
HEALTH BENEFITS: Increase Team Focus, Get Fit, Boost Brain Power, Develop Confidence, Improve Department Communication Skills