Gumboot Dancing

Syncopate Your Teams Through Their Feet. Using Our Interactive Gumboot Dancing, We Get The Audience Doing Things Out Of Their Comfort Zone And Having Loads Of Fun Too.

Gumboot dancing is all about bringing people together and getting them to work in harmony to achieve a common goal.

Interactive gumboot dancing unleashes energy to any event. We provide each person with a pair of gumboots. The Drumsound team will teach your group basic dance routines, and within a few minutes the group will be grooving and stomping together.

DURATION: 1 hour (can be customised)

GROUP SIZE: Ideal for group size of 8 – 1000+
OBJECTIVE & SKILL: Teamwork, Communication, Synergy, Enthusiasm and having Fun
LOCATION: Outdoor and Indoor area.
COMPANY BENEFITS: Improve Employee Morale, Enhance Communication, Effective Stress Relief, Positive Team Building, Enjoyable Ice Breakers, Increase Productivity, Reduce Employee Absences, Build Self-esteem
HEALTH BENEFITS: Increase Focus, Get Fit, Boost Brain Power, Develop Confidence, Improve Communication Skills