People Building – Using the African Drums

From a drumming wiz to a absolute beginner, we will get you drumming within minutes, your group will be making music that will forever be yours.

Used as a great ice-breaker and to build a teams spirit. Drumming is inspiring and motivational.

Co-workers learn to listen to each other, to participate in and co-operate with the group as a whole, creating one voice out of many.

Feel The Power of Your Group, using a cooperative, non-competitive activity where anyone can participate regardless of age, race or position within your organisation.

Celebrate, inspire and unify your people using the power of the drum!

When you’re looking for event ideas, African Drumming should be the first thing that comes to mind! You will be surprised to learn that Group Drumming has evolved as one of the most popular team building activities of all time!

Interactive Drumming is recognised as a cutting edge tool for building teams, and has gained surprising momentum as people realise its limitless applications and benefits, flexibility to resonate with diverse audiences and contexts, and its successful applications in the workplace, community and organisations.

Drumming together is simple, fun, accessible, and effective!

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